Bernoulli Design — giving old plane parts an upswing!

Our furniture designs have seen it all! Proudly serving and keeping passengers safe on forty thousand feet and higher, be it as pitch elevator or engine cowls, as rotor blades, wings or landing lights, they have overflown the brawliest oceans and the hottest deserts and have seen the most exciting metropolises on this planet. Every one of our pieces has its own story to tell. Are you ready to hear their tales of adventure?

Each and every one of our designs is unique and tailored to your needs. We produce locally in Heimberg in the northwest of Switzerland.

We only use metal from our very own production. As for other materials such as wood, glass and leather we cooperate with local suppliers who share our values and exercise the same care and diligence.

You bring your own idea or choose out of our standad programm. We tailor our designs to your very individual needs. Would you like your piece with the original coat of varnish or newly lacquered? Or would you rather prefer raw, polished or satin aluminum? Whatever your wishes are, we are happy to accommodate them. The sky is the limit!

Custom-made furniture

We are happy to tailor our furniture designs to your needs. Aviation is our passion, through our design we hope to share it with you!

Individual Advice

We are happy to offer you individual and complimentary advice. Please get in touch.