Our Vision

Each and every one of our designs is unique and tailored to your needs. We produce locally in Heimberg in the northwest of Switzerland.

We only use metal from our very own production. As for other materials such as wood, glass and leather we cooperate with local suppliers who share our values and exercise the same care and diligence.

Our Team

Daniel Schwerzmann

Aviation is his passion, and he does nothing by halves!

When it comes to aviation Daniel is an all-rounder. Be it as a pilot in a corporate airplane or as air traffic controller, Daniel is eating, sleeping and breathing his passion for aviation on a daily basis.

Daniel originally trained as a motor lorry mechanic and went on to work as an airline pilot. The managing director of Bernoulli Design is passionate about combining timeless and individual designs with his passion for aviation.

Christian Reusser (1958 – † 2019)

Striving for perfection.

Hard work and attention to detail are pivotal for the founder of a metalworking company. As an aviation aficionado, albeit in the passenger seat only, he knows that the due diligence and attention to detail that pilots take to heart when in the cockpit are equally crucial in the manufacturing of unique furniture.

Andreas von Allmen

A technician by vocation, a paraglider pilot by passion. As an automation technician Andreas is responsible for countless complex machines running like a Swiss clockwork. And if there is one thing he learnt over the years it’s that the devil quite often lies in the detail. This proves true not only in his daily work or with regards to his passion for flying, but also when designing an exceptional piece of furniture.

Reto Reusser

No matter whether he is piloting a corporate plane or managing a metalworking company with a team of 20, Reto moves effortlessly between the two worlds of business and aviation. Consistency, continuity, reliability and precision are all values the young entrepreneur holds dear to his heart.